Just like the rest of your flooring throughout your home, your area rugs wear out much faster than other furnishings. Overtime, every day use and the foot traffic by pets and the people in your home can cause significant damage to a valuable area rug. Island Rug Cleaners is the tri-state area’s trusted resource to properly and repair the most delicate rugs, from a small patch to a complete overhaul.   

Typically, repairing your rug early is the key to preserving its beauty, value, and lifespan. At Island Rug Cleaners, we are dedicated to protecting and maintaining your rug’s natural beauty. Trained in centuries-old methods of rug repair and preservation, our skilled artisans can perform the necessary repairs by hand to ensure that your rug remains vibrant and sturdy.

Our area rug repair services include the following:

• Antique rug restoration
• Fringe repair and replacement
• Color bleeding mitigation
• Stain removal
• Rug reweaving
• Hole patching with matching wool strands
• Restoration of worn rug corners and sides
• Moth damage and water rot restoration
• Repair of rips, slits, and tears in rug

The Island Rug Cleaners Difference

Based in Long Island and serving the entire tri-state area, we are committed to serving our customers’ rug cleaning needs from start to finish. We carefully clean every rug by hand with organic, chemical-free soaps and ensure that each and every rug is cleaned precisely and thoroughly every time. Our family has 100 years of industry experience and we continuously strive to pave the way in the rug cleaning business. Contact us today for your free rug cleaning estimate!