1. A Brief History of Rugs

    Today, area rugs are considered a must-have piece of decor to have in your home, but many people don’t realize that rugs are one of the most ancient types of textile. The cultural history of area rugs is difficult to pinpoint to one specific country, but what we do know is there are many cultures …Read More

  2. 3 Steps To Remove Stains From Your Area Rug

    There is no question about it, no matter how hard you try to prevent it, accidents happen. Things break, items are lost, and drinks are spilled. This is a basic reality one must accept about life in general. At Island Rug Cleaners, we have treated all kinds of stains on area rugs. Stains such as, wi…Read More

  3. Maintain The Quality Of Your Rug

    Welcome to Island Rug Cleaners blog. We are proud to offer premier rug cleaning and restoration services to the tri-state area. Our family has been in this industry for over 100 years, and our expertise is unbeatable.   Be sure to follow our blog regularly to find interesting articles, tips, an…Read More