The edges of any rug must be finished, or sewn up, to prevent fraying. Maintaining a solid rug finishing is the key to ensuring that your rug has a long life and does not fall apart prematurely. Rugs can be finished in one of two ways—fringing or binding.


An iconic finishing for area rugs, fringing brings a key aesthetic to any room and adds a small yet mighty complementary touch. Fringe does much more than making a rug pretty—it serves as the finishing and the literal backbone of a rug. Maintaining the tightness of fringe preserves the integrity of the rug, and it is imperative to keep any and all fringing in tip-top shape. To repair fringing, we can pull new fringe yarns to fill in missing areas or add matching artificial fringe by hand.


Much like fringing, binding holds your rug together, so maintaining it is crucial to protecting the structure of your rug. If the sides of your rug are worn down, we can add Persian binding to match the original binding, which will prevent unraveling and protect your rug against wear and tear.

The Island Rug Cleaners Difference

Based in Long Island and serving the entire tri-state area, we are committed to serving our customers’ rug cleaning needs from start to finish. We carefully clean every rug by hand with organic, chemical-free soaps and ensure that each and every rug is cleaned precisely and thoroughly every time. Our family has 100 years of industry experience and we continuously strive to pave the way in the rug cleaning business. Contact us today for your free rug cleaning estimate!