Island Rug Cleaners will not only clean your rug well; we will clean it with only organic, non-toxic soaps. We are dedicated to using only organic products for all of the rug cleaning services that we offer in an effort to create a safer, healthier home environment for each and every one of our customers.


Our organic cleaning method is free of chemicals and harsh cleaning agents, making it environmentally-friendly and safe for all the members of your household. All of our cleaning products that we use for during our rug cleaning processes are tough on stains and dirt, yet gentle on delicate rugs.

Additionally, we recommend our customers add a stain-resistant protective treatment to their rug. Applied directly to the rug, our stain protectant does not allow liquids to penetrate the rug fibers, ensuring that your carpet stays cleaner for longer. Our stain treatments protect against water and oil-based stains, resist airborne dust, offer UV protection, and help stains release more easily when the rug is cleaned. Adding a protective treatment to your rug is a necessary investment to keep your treasured rugs  vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

The Island Rug Cleaners Difference

Based in Long Island and serving the entire tri-state area, we are committed to serving our customers’ rug cleaning needs from start to finish. We carefully clean every rug by hand with organic, chemical-free soaps and ensure that each and every rug is cleaned precisely and thoroughly every time. Our family has 100 years of industry experience and we continuously strive to pave the way in the rug cleaning business. Contact us today for your free rug cleaning estimate!