There is no question about it, no matter how hard you try to prevent it, accidents happen. Things break, items are lost, and drinks are spilled. This is a basic reality one must accept about life in general. At Island Rug Cleaners, we have treated all kinds of stains on area rugs. Stains such as, wine, sauce, pet stains, food, dirt/mud, even those mystery stains that seem to just show up. Today’s article is to ease your mind and help you remain calm the next time something unexpected occurs and you need to act quickly in order to prevent a stain from setting into your beloved area rug.


Fortunately, most modern area rugs are designed and constructed to be stain resistant which will help to fight off stains, but this doesn’t mean you can drop anything on your rug and there will never be a stain. We could only hope for that sort of luxury someday. In the meantime, we have prepared the ultimate guide to stain removal so you know just how to recover from the next unforeseen accident on your area rug.


  1. Act Fast
    The quicker you respond to a spill on an area rug, the better. Don’t waste time. The longer you wait, the more challenging of a stain this can become.
  2. Attack
    By now, you have hopefully stopped what you’re doing to tend to the stain. Grab a towel or cloth and gently blot the stain. Allow the spill to soak up in the cloth and resist every urge to rub where the spill occurred. Rubbing the cloth over the spill is a natural instinct many people have, but it does not do any good as it will press the liquid into the fibers, giving yourself a larger problem to deal with. If you have kids or teenagers in the home, make sure they know how to treat a spill. Most kids will try to hide the spill from their parents or attempt to clean it without Mom and Dad’s knowledge, out of fear that they are going to get in trouble.
  3. Apply
    Now that you’ve picked up as much of the stain as possible, depending on what was spilled, it could have left behind a stain. If you’re feeling confident in your stain-removing skills and the cleaning product you purchased, follow the cleaner’s instructions on how to apply and treat the stain. Island Rug Cleaners uses 100 percent organic and chemical-free soaps on all of the rugs we clean, and we encourage you to use the same type of cleaning product. The organic, all-natural ingredients will be much safer on the delicate fibers, leaving your rug in its original condition.


Hopefully you have found this easy guide useful and now know how to handle an accidental spill while remaining calm. On the occasions that a more serious spill has taken place and your own cleaning methods will not properly remove the inevitably challenging stain that will set in, call the professional rug cleaners at Island Rug Cleaning. We have over 100 years of experience in the rug cleaning industry and can tackle any stain, big or small on any rug.


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