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For our first blog, we’re going to discuss the importance of how to maintain the quality of your area rug so it will withstand everyday foot traffic and you can enjoy it for many years to come.


If you have purchased an area rug at some point in your adult life, then you are well aware that rugs are a significant investment. Island Rug Cleaners are the expert rug cleaners and suggest you follow this simple guideline so your rug investment pays off with a long, useful life.



Just like carpet, your area rugs will trap dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris that naturally collects over time—so it is necessary to vacuum on a regular basis. How often should you vacuum? There is no specific rule of thumb that rug owners should abide by, but most people find it easier to live by a routine and we would encourage vacuuming approximately once a week.


Some people may argue that vacuuming area rugs could cause damage or fray the strands around the edges and corners. While this may be true for the extremely delicate rugs, we want our readers to use their better judgment and determine if their rugs are in appropriate condition to be vacuumed. Typically a vacuum that is set to the lowest pile setting will gently pick up the dirt without harming delicate fibers. If you are concerned about what type of cleaning techniques is best for your delicate rugs, don’t hesitate to contact Island Rug Cleaners for a consultation, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Vacuuming area rugs not only picks up dirt and debris so the rug stays clean, it also removes dust, debris, and grit that has fallen to the base of the rug where the fibers are woven in. If you choose to neglect weekly vacuuming or any other form of rug maintenance, the dirt that accumulates over time will build up and act like sandpaper, causing damage to the fibers at the base of the rug. As foot traffic continues, the dirt and grit that is building up will start to cut and slowly tear away at the hairs and fibers, which can lead to patches of missing or loose strands in the rug.   


Deep Cleaning

While vacuuming is an easy day-to-day method of area rug cleaning, it isn’t a long-term solution to keep your rug in the best shape. It is necessary to have your rug professionally cleaned, and Island Rug Cleaners is the best rug cleaning service to handle cleaning services, big or small.


We use only 100 percent organic cleaning products and soaps that are free of harsh chemicals that could cause further damage. To ensure that every rug is thoroughly cleaned, we carefully wash and clean rugs by hand. On average, most people have their rugs cleaned every 3-5 years. Again, there is no exact rule to live by, it simply comes down to your own personal preference. When you are ready for a professional rug cleaner to clean your area rugs, contact Island Rug Cleaners. Our unique services include picking up your rug from your residence and dropping it off once it is complete.


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