The team at Island Rug Cleaners is committed to providing high-quality and meticulous rug cleaning and restoration services for the tri-state area. We are passionate about preserving beautiful rugs for the generations to come, and we approach each rug cleaning or repair project with the precise attention to detail and personalized service that each rug deserves.

Area Rug Cleaning

Using only 100 percent organic products, we thoroughly hand-clean and dry rugs using our state-of-the-art facilities. We also offer free pickup and delivery, meaning that having your rug cleaned is hassle-free!

Area Rug Repair

Whether your rug needs a small patch or a major, intricate repair, our skilled artisans meticulously repair all rugs by hand.

Stain Removal

Most stains will come out during the initial cleaning process, but occasionally stains from pets or food necessitate more intensive stain removal procedures. Using only organic, non-corrosive substances, we can rid your rug of stains and have it back to looking like new in no time.

Fringing and Binding

Fringing and binding protect the backbone of any rug, so it is extremely important to keep these elements of your rug well-maintained at all times. Our experienced team of rug restoration experts can restore the fringing or binding on a rug, preventing unraveling and protecting your rug from wear and tear.

Color Restoration

Even if the color is your heirloom Persian or Oriental rug is faded, all is not lost. Using a wide variety of color restoration methods, our team can restore the vibrant colors and pattern of your rug, bringing it new life.


For rugs with missing, torn, or unraveled patches, reweaving is a great option for restoration. Using an extremely intricate process, our team can reconstruct a damaged area to the extent that it is indistinguishable from the rest of the rug.

Organic Cleaning

Using only 100 percent organic cleaning agents and cleaning each rug by hand, we offer the best organic rug cleaning services in the tri-state area.