When Island Rug Cleaners performs our standard rug cleaning services, the majority of dust and dirt patches will come out during the cleaning process. However, other stains, such as pet or food stains, may require more in-depth stain removal procedures. In this case, our team of rug cleaning experts can examine the stains closely and choose the appropriate, non-corrosive cleaning agents to rid your rug of its pesky stains once and for all.

The strategy we employ to eliminate the stains from your rug varies by the rug’s fabric and weave, so we approach each rug repair with a gentle, personalized touch and exceptional attention to detail. Regardless of the stain removal process we use, we guarantee that we will care for your rug to the very best of our ability and return it back to you in better shape than before.

The Island Rug Cleaners Difference

Based in Long Island and serving the entire tri-state area, we are committed to serving our customers’ rug cleaning needs from start to finish. We carefully clean every rug by hand with organic, chemical-free soaps and ensure that each and every rug is cleaned precisely and thoroughly every time. Our family has 100 years of industry experience and we continuously strive to pave the way in the rug cleaning business. Contact us today for your free rug cleaning estimate!